Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BPBRS new business cards in & a change in direction for BPB

BPBRS new business cards ~

They will have a new email address and phone number ,ones I can use any place. The new business email will not be used for political news nor will it accept anything outside business. I'll block all attempts of emails that are not strickly business related.

For now the RoadRunner addy is for business and I've blocked many emails that are of "relentless political content" I've seen hundreds of times. Political news and alerts do not put money in my pocket, they are waste of my time. 
In the comming months you will see my FB page change from daily drivel to reloading components offerings for sale.

 For over 4 decades I've tried to tell peole to get up off your ass and vote, stop giving in for something less. I was cussed , told I was an idiot and that I didnn't understand the big picture.

 So now I'll focus on my wallet, instead of your lame ass political views that have funded hundreds of others while I  paid your way.

As always you can find me @ as BPBRS

 Regards, BPB

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