Friday, May 17, 2013

More shameless sales spam: Bullets,Press's,Brass,Dies

More shameless sales spam:

The bullet fairy left me a case,(6,000) of Hornady 22 .224 55gr FMJ W/C Bullets.  They are for sale. 1,000 were sold before I left the parking lot.
LOL 8lb = 1,018 bullets $142.52 / $150.00 shipped.
 I will sell in 4lb lots if you only need a few for woodchucks & other varmints.
I also have 3,000 Rem. 115gr FMJ 9mm on the bench and another 2k win 115gr JHP incoming.
As well as 500 25-20 Rem 86gr SP.
Fired Brass:
 40 S&W .08ea brass mixed mfg,45acp .14ea ,9mm .08ea & 500'ish 223 @.15c ea.

I sell by the pound , brass and bullets unless packed in pre-counted manufactured boxes or bags. Then it is buy the bag.

See my adds on listed under BPBRS or contact me directly @

 2- Lee 1000 9mm    $229.99
1- Lee 1000 45acp $229.00
Lee 40S&W die Carbide
Rem 9mm 115gr RN
Rem 25cal 100gr SPCL
RCBS 223 Group A Dies
RBCS #10 shell holder 223

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