Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Difference in immigrant cultures from the 19th & 20th century to today.

A comment to a person about a joke I posted on FB...... No disagreement what so ever Ron , each group of new immigrants were treated badly by the ones who came here previously. No different that they had been doing to each other in Europe for centuries. Old ways die hard. Those European, Chinese, Russian,Jewish, Armenian, Japanese people didn't come here to demand we accept their religious beliefs as law. They did not come here to kill us nor did their families stand in the streets of the old country cuss and burn Uncle Sam in effigy. They came here to work and live a FREE live as did the Pilgrims~However with the Pilgrims, they forced religion on the towns and were still in the Dark Ages killing and persecuting people because they believed in witchcraft & dark ages medicine. What can you say of the European peoples of the Dark Ages who went from running water, bath houses, modern medicine of the day to grass huts, filth and disease in a less than a century. WASP who ran around Europe killing Jews and Gypsies because they believed they were the ones who carried the plague. Moving into the 20th century it was nothing for America and England to cop out and allow the Jihadist to run out Christians in the name of Islam so the industrialized nations, BP in particular could keep their oil flowing no matter the cost. This country trained the Afghani freedom fighters in the 1980's. They very ones who passed on this training of revolution war tactics to the ones were seeing today. I don't care if you act like an American, Live & practice your customs as long as you're not taking from my wallet or breaking my legs. The Middle East has gone from one of the most educated areas of the world to a religious faith that keeps it’s people in mud huts, uneducated children (girls), in a Holy War they have to keep alive till the whole world is under their robe. Much the same as the Vatican tried to do when Pope Urban send hordes of barbarians upon the Holy Land. Constantinople) BPB Quote: “The majority of people who came to the United States came looking for personal freedom. The rest of the world was founded by people looking for gold”!

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