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The United Nations says

The United Nations says:
may 3,2013

Small Arms

Insurgents, armed gang members, pirates, terrorists - they can all multiply their force through the use of unlawfully acquired firepower. The illicit circulation of small arms, light weapons and their ammunition destabilizes communities, and impacts security and development in all regions of the world. ###

I read this as , if you did not receive your weapons from a certified source such as the United States State Department or another approved “country state” then you don’t need them. Yes they say it in so many words almost like the, “we’ll protect and take care of you” government we have grown accustom to.

One of the biggest problems with a global firearms control is how can all these country states meet & create modern civilized rules for those to follow? When truth be told, most of their countrymen are still living in a mud or grass hut.

A large majority of these states are still fighting to gain control of land, money, food, water. Maybe not in that particular order but the peoples of the region seem to go from one battle to another in an effort to gain a little better foothold in life. Reading a UN report is like reading a Bible story. Really, it is. The reports tells haunting accounts of blood thirsty raids and attacks on villages & some civilized cities like they were still living in the 8th century.

From January to June 2012 there were 189 attacks aimed at the people, a government of some sort, military and not to be forgotten oil company offices. [Reference Wikipedia  List of terrorist incidents, January–June 2012”] gleaned from news sources from around the world.]

 Quote: In 2008, a United Nations group of governmental experts reported to the General Assembly on problems arising from the accumulation of conventional ammunition stockpiles in surplus. The group noted that cooperation with regard to effective stockpile management needs to endorse a 'whole life management' approach, ranging from categorization and accounting systems – essential for ensuring safe handling and storage and for identifying surplus – to physical security systems and surveillance and testing procedures to assess the stability and reliability of ammunition.

A central recommendation made by the group was for technical guidelines for the stockpile management of ammunition to be developed within the United Nations. ###

The National Rifle Association’s position on the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty  as stated in their March 2013 news release reads. If signed, the ATT would be a legally binding treaty that would require parties to the treaty to adhere to the treaty's provisions, many of which (as proposed in a month-long meeting last July) are incompatible with our Second Amendment rights. For the treaty to be ratified it would have to be approved by a two-thirds vote in the U.S. Senate. During the July ATT conference, NRA conducted a successful campaign to stop the treaty.

OK so according to another NRA news release in part:

 Anti-gun treaty proponents continue to mislead the public, claiming the treaty would have no impact on American gun owners. That's a bald-faced lie.

For example, the most recent draft treaty includes import/export controls that would require officials in an importing country to collect information on the "end user" of a firearm, keep the information for 20 years, and provide the information to the country from which the gun was exported. In other words, if you bought a Beretta shotgun, you would be an "end user" and the U.S. government would have to keep a record of you and notify the Italian government about your purchase. That is gun registration. If the U.S. refuses to implement this data collection on law-abiding American gun owners, other nations might be required to ban the export of firearms to the U.S. ###

Now I’ve read a dozen or so UN reports. They are well written, lots of numbers and incidents. You ask Bill what does this have to do with New York?

 IMO= In My Opinion; Why have New Yorkers compromise for over 100 years to handgun registration? How can New Yorkers even remotely tolerate the new “opt-out forms”. Worst yet how can New Yorkers fill out firearms registration forms for firearms deemed a weapon of war by the political madness that rules in Albany?

 I mean to say, if the NRA and all those millions of firearms owners & the bi-partisan group in Washington D.C. that are against the UN Firearms trade treaty. If the pro-firearms groups claim the UN Treaty violates our 2nd amendment rights by registering our firearms to the end user.            



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