Saturday, January 12, 2013

When the SHTF ~ Nov. 7th 2012 The people were a sleep

Just offered a fella in Texas my last 3 boxes of buckshot for reloading. We'll never see 15lbs of #1's & #4's at $90.00 ever again.

Have all my 9mm bullets on hold pending funds~

Have to quote an entire reloading set up including bullet mould & sizer kit.

 People waited to long! I warned them in 1985 when the 1st bullet ban was tossed out.

NewYork is under seige by weak knee'd RINO's who are comparing hunting firearms to military grade battle rifles.  No matter how much time we spend telling the public the differences between firearm types, they the press, antis & policitians continue to let the media and antis lie.

Bringing these so called leaders to an end of their wallet sucking jobs should be a priority of the people. BUT, we have more sheeple than people.

WWW.SCOPEny.ORG has launched several new web pages for firearms owners to contact politicians. We also have an alert system in place for you to pass on to your friends.

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