Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SCOPE Wayne County,NY emergency meeting

You do not have to be a Wayne county resident to attend this meeting. bpb
This is it. The disaster we have been warning against, has arrived.

We will meet at 7PM at Marion American Legion Post.

We will ask everyone coming to donate money to SCOPE Legal Defense Fund, so SCOPE could fight the rammed-down-our-throats Cuomo's Anti-Second Amendment Bill in court. Litigation will be extremely costly, and will most likely take years to resolve.
We will also, take a Wayne County SCOPE Chapter vote to decide amount of cash to send from our Chapter remaining funds to the SCOPE Legal Defense Fund.

This is what we have been saving money for, so we can help fight legal battles to preserve our rights in emergency. We are there. The NY Legislature is not on our side at all anymore, we cannot count on the senate blocking any anti-gun bills any longer. Our only recourse is litigation, and things are in the works right now.

 We will discuss any latest news on litigation.

I expect a couple of speakers. I promise I won't babble on during this meeting. The talking is over, we need to put up cash for lawyers.  
I will respectfully ask that we not spend a lot of time asking what is legal and what is not. The bill is out, and not coherent to read and understand. If someone wants to take the time to write up "cliff notes" and interpret into plain English, go for it as I will not do so. Please write up and email your findings to me and we can have Bob print them up.

Our fund raising committee needs to come up with some ideas for extra fund raising....we will need it.

 Hope to see you all there.

Bob Brannan and Michelle Upson will work on mailing out alert to members without email.

 John Piczkur
Wayne County SCOPE Chapter Chairman


BlackPowder Bill Brookover

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