Thursday, January 31, 2013

NY's SAFE ACT is Racist against POWG's
The president of the New York State Conservation Council, Chuck Parker, says that his organization considers the NY SAFE Act an unconstitutional infringement on the second amendment.

He also says the NYS Conservation Council takes issue with the manner in which the NY SAFE Act passed the legislature in Albany earlier this month without public hearings.

... Ted Strang, an individual attending the event, says he intended to bring a sign into the meeting to show is opposition to the law but was prevented from doing so.

A spokesperson for the DCJS confirmed that signs are prohibited from the forums, whether they are for or against the law.


WTH! LMAO a sign is not allowed..OHHHHH new rules have we? OK guys get the "T" shirts out.
A sign on your vehicle.

Bet if this was one of those abortion, minority, gay rally's they'd have signs, cameras, and people chanting and dancing in the streets. I'm convinced this SAFE ACT, I.E. "Firearms Ban" is designed to unarm white males. Therefore it is racist as racist can be!!   Hell if people can call a sugar or soda law racist, then WTH do ya call this act?

bpb ps. POWG stands for Poor Old White Guy

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