Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shooter's Committee on Political Education update

Shooter's Committee on Political Education will host the monthly Meeting at the Marion Legion at 7pm. It is suggested if you want a seat to arrive early. Monroe counties meeting was last night at Jay's diner and it was standing room only after the booths and tables were filled up.

I'd like to thank ABATE of Rochester for coming out last night and offering SCOPE a table at their upcoming swap meet in Hilton this Sunday. Also to the guy who rented the auditorium at Rendell Library on his own dime so information on the Firearm’s Ban can be discussed with all those affected. As I understood it the upcoming gun show in April at its new location in Gates may have a rally as well. [TBA]

Also the Supervisor of Gates for coming out in support of all our rights. Last all the members and new members for giving towards the pending litigation, without you we’d be sunk. SCOPE has won several suits in NY over the years. We are in the process of negotiations with our attorney. The NY legislature will have to iron out some of the language in the bill they pass. Many items listed actually banned firearms from use by state and local civil service employees.

Join and Donate to help us fund and fight this legislation!

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