Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fax Albany Stop Bullying firearms Owners!

Fax Albany: As the Senate Leadership and IDC are being promised money and power by the Governor and his friends in return for their support of Gun Confiscation and a new AWB; What about us?br /
Since when did it become fashionable and in vogue to bully law abiding citizens simply because they own firearms.  If this kind of behavior was being perpetrated against any other group there would be outrage. br /
br /

Give the Republican Leadership and the IDC this message!br /
br /
strong We demand that you STOP THE BULLYING!!!!/strongbr /
strong /strong

Senator Grisanti asked me to get in touch with you regarding your concerns
over proposed gun control measures. Please know that since the tragedy at
Newtown, Senator Grisanti has been advocating against knee jerk reactionary
measures. New York already has some of the toughest gun control measures
in the entire nation and Senator Grisanti believes we need to encore laws
already on the books as well as looking to punish those individuals who
purchase and use guns illegally, rather than law abiding citizens.
thank you for taking the time to contact Senator Grisanti, please feel free
to contact me on this or any other issue you see fit.
Thank you.

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