Saturday, April 25, 2009

SCOPE to Brief Albany Minority members

Early in the month when the anti gun stuff was starting to heat up Ken Mathison, President was asked by Minority Leader Brian Kolb and his staff to come to Albany on the 28th and brief the members that will be doing the debating on the gun bills the next day. They asked Ken because he has been working with the minority staff for a few years and they all appreciate the information SCOPE has given them, they don't understand most of the bills and SCOPE clears it up for them.

This year SCOPE went one step further by supplying Position Papers on most of the major anti gun bills which they see as a tremendous help. Member Bill Gibson needs to be thanked for the work he has put into researching and writing the papers. He's done a fantastic job saving Ken much valuable time. Bill will be with Ken on Tuesday briefing the Minority members.

In anticipation of SCOPE's rally to visit Albany on Gun Bill day the Albany leadership has changed the date at the last minuet from April 29th to April 28th a day earlier in an effort to thwart our collective efforts and show Albany we can rally to the cause. Regardless of what you may have heard , SCOPE members will visit Albany on the 29th and pass out papers on our position for the 14 bills that will be voted on.

Ken writes, "All I know is that I have done my best to represent the interest of all New York gun owners whether they are a SCOPE member or not".

I pass this info on to you to keep you informed and to let you know that SCOPE is respected in Albany and we can be effective.

SCOPE Director @ Large President
Williamson gun club Diector

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