Friday, April 10, 2009

Ken Mathiason of to speak at LPNY State Convention

Subject: [SCOPEny] sort of off-topic:
Ken to speak at LPNY State Convention
All,I figured since Ken will be speaking at our State Convention, it would be a matter of interest to members of this list.This year, the Libertarian Party of New York State Convention will be held in Rochester, on April 25.
You can get details here: Libertarian Party

There is a $50 fee for lunch/speakers (i.e. to hear Ken speak). Although we say "Registrations not received before April 18th will be subject to an additional $10 charge" this is for LPNY members who may procrastinate.

Those of you receiving notice at this late date will not be subject to any extra "door charge".Don't forget it was a Libertarian who made DC v. Heller possible! Hope to see you there.

for Liberty, Chris Edes

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