Sunday, April 5, 2009

New York firearms owners gun bill day

Every year the New York Assembly has a day when they debate and vote on
a package of anti gun legislation. This "gun bill" day always coincides with the "Albany Lobby Day" of the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (NYAGV) which includes their dog and pony show of anti gun propaganda in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building (LOB).

Every year NYAGV gets a free ride on this day. They bus in a handful of activist and basically get to puff up their collective chests and show how much power they have. This year we would like to disrupt their free ride by having gun owners show up in Albany in large numbers and pretty much overshadow them, take the day away from them.

By large numbers I mean thousands, anything less will be ineffective and not worth doing. Gun bill day is April 29 and we are asking gun owners from all over the state to make the commitment to come to Albany, spend the day visiting legislators and filling the Assembly galleries before the anti gunners can, show the legislators that we do care about our rights.

We are asking you to take the day off from work, car pool, rent a bus whatever it takes but be in Albany on April 29 to show you care about your rights.

Details are still being worked out but the legislative session that day will most likely be in the afternoon at 1pm or 3pm, the exact time will be nailed down later. I would suggest that you plan to be at the Capitol no later than 11am and be prepared to stay until at least 4pm.

If you are coming as a group or individually, make appointments with your legislators or their staff. If you can't get an appointment you should still go to their office and let their staff know you are there and your position on gun legislation. Print a copy of the SCOPE Legislative Report from our website to leave with your legislator.

Most importantly, once we nail down the time of the legislative session,we need to be at the Assembly chambers (legislative chambers are in the Capitol building which connects to the LOB) and fill the seats in the chamber, the lobby and the upper gallery. Let those who debate the bills see that gun owners care and will take action.

Some rules to abide by.

1. NO CAMO of any kind should be worn or overalls. Dress casual but not down.
2. Wear your SCOPE, NRA, Club, NYSRPA, NYSCC or other group hat, shirt or some other article that identifies you as a gun owner. Repeat NO CAMO anything.
3. NO confrontation with any of the anti gunners of any kind.
4. If questioned by the press (it could happen) keep it short and to the point that you are a gun owner who cares about your rights and you are there to show the legislature that you care.
5. You will have to go through security screening to get in the LOB, so no weapons of any kind, the less metal you have on you the easier it will be to get through quickly.
6. No signs, I don't think they will allow them but they would be a negative distraction anyhow.
7.Be courteous with any and all legislators even if they are rabidly anti gun.
8. When in the Assembly chambers no outburst or demonstrations are allowed. Regardless of how outrageous the debate may be do not make a scene.

Many of the legislators think gun owners don't care because we don't show up, this is our chance to show them otherwise.

Having an idea in advance or our numbers would be helpful, so let us know if you are coming by email or phone. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Please spread the word on this action to all your contacts.

Ken Mathison, President

Directions to the Empire State Plaza

Parking information at the plaza king/forVisitor/parkingmap.html

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