Monday, April 27, 2009

NY had a FREE 5-yr check ~ What happened to it?

Here is my reply to a recent article on the 5 yr re-newable permit. It seems all my wordy sportsmen friends have forgotten something.

Assemblyman Omara,

I am a Federal licenses firearms dealer. When the Brady NICS system first began New Yorkers could, if they had a 5yr-NICS check done by their local Sheriff purchase a firearm without the FFL calling in for a back ground check. (Explanation further down in my comment)
BUT, NY failed to institute some federal guidelines and the FBI stopped allowing firearms dealers to use permit holders license information for purchases.
Dealers stopped using NY's Permit information & then began calling the FBI/NICS center for the "instant background check". Like we do on all firearms purchases whether they be at our shops or gun shows.

Now the deal was permit holders had an extra background check that was renewed every 5 years. Permit holders would show this to the dealer and the issue / expiration date,permit number were recorded on the FFL's 4473.

The 4473 is the federal paperwork all firearms purchasers have to fill out in order for the Dealer to call in and request a NICS back ground check.

The short story is, NY had a 5 year background check up until NY did not comply with Federal standards.
The permit was still good, as we say for a lifetime. The 5 yr check paperwork we were given was free for the asking.
The latest revision to the 4473's were the mental health portions and some jargon clarifications. If my memory serves me correctly The 4473 has been updated some 6 times in the last 10 years !

NY DOJ also shares criminal information with the FBI/NICS center.

A 5 yr renewable permit is not a good idea, it will cost permit holders undue money and I feel will be used to harass firearms owners.
However the 5 year paperwork New Yorker's once enjoyed was a good idea.
My preference is why do we need a permit at all if a person wants to hunt,fish,trap,target shoot?

Remember a NY citizen already has a FBI/NICS check done when they purchase a firearm. Also NY had a 5-year background check at one time for all of NY's permit holders. It was free~but NY State failed to meet federal guidelines so the FBI/NICS would no longer accept permit holders information as an alternative to the call in NICS check.

To this date I've seen no references to the paperwork I've spoke about in this letter????


BlackPowder Bill Brookover Director @ Large
NYS Muzzleloaders President
WCSC Director

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