Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NY Youth Hunting bill~Governor needs letters

Come on people get shift or get off the pot! This is the 1st time in years the youth hunting bill has made it past both the house and Senate into the Governors hands. Lets put this on to bed!

Regards BPB


I have received word that the anti- hunting, anti- gun groups are doing a letter-writing campaign against the Junior Hunter/Trapper Mentor bill. I have also been told that someone is trying to get the youth big game mentor bill sent to the Governor early, so that he will have only anti- letters and will veto the bill.

Bill # A11033 / S8228 was to be delivered to the Governor the first week of August; now, if the antis get their way, it will be delivered around July 16th.

We need letters of support from all organizations, county federations, clubs and individuals sent to the Governor ASAP. The ones you have already sent do not count for this.

The letter should list the organization's or individual's support for the Junior Hunter/Trapper Mentor Bill A11033 / S8228. Include your name, address, and phone number. State that this legislation is an educational tool allowing our youth to learn safety and ethics in the field from experienced adults.

Send your letters to:
Ms. Terryl Brownclemons
Acting Counsel to the Governor
State Capital Executive Chamber Room 210
Albany N.Y. 12224
Fax #518-486-9652

Please send a copy to NYSCC so that I know what went to the Governor's office. The NYSCC fax # is 315-894-2893.

Thank you.

Harold L. Palmer


New York State Conservation Council, Inc. .
315-894-2893 fax

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