Friday, July 4, 2008

Every home gets a gun

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July 4, 2008

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Mitch Alboms column Every home gets a gun was totally irrational. Like most anti-gun liberals, he does not let history, truth or logic stand in his way proclaiming his hatred for guns and the Second Amendment.
His argument about how the streets will run with blood as good people suddenly turn bad because they can have guns is irrational. This was the argument twenty years ago when Florida made concealed carry of a firearm legal and relatively easy. When Colorado passed the castle doctrine law which does not require a person to retreat when threatened, the liberals called it the “make my day law. No bloodshed in either state.
He lied about everybody being able to have a gun. The laws against felons, mental incompetents, juveniles and others prohibited from gun ownership remain unchanged. He thinks banning a Constitutional right is just fine.
If bans worked, Prohibition would have been the success story of the twentieth century and we would not presently have an illegal drug problem. Criminals don't obey laws.
Self-defense is one of the most basic of rights, but when a government bans an effective means of protection, that right has been greatly infringed. The studies of states with easy accessibility to firearms have a lower violent crime rate than those with draconian restrictions.
With this Supreme Court ruling, it is the criminals who better “watch out.


H. W. "Budd" Schroeder
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