Thursday, July 17, 2008

NRA-ILA Voter Registration

How many firearms owners do you all think really vote?
Regards, BPB

NRA-ILA's most aggressive voter registration drive effort ever, we are providing NRA Members and gun owners with a special voter registration website. This site will serve as one-stop-shopping for all of your voter registration needs.
By clicking this link, you will find voter registration applications that can be completed on-line and downloaded, critical election dates and voter registration deadlines, information on early and absentee voting for your state, and much more.
In November's elections, the stakes couldn't be higher. The future of our gun rights literally hang in the balance!
If you have recently moved or haven't voted in recent elections, you need to re-register. If your voter registration is current and up-to-date, please forward this e-mail and our special voter registration link to your fellow firearm owners.Take this one, simple step that will help preserve our gun rights today and for future generations.
Register to vote TODAY!

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