Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lock Stock & Barrel June shoot scores

We actually had a day without rain. I came from behind after noticing my rear sight was loose. Go figure, it was shooting 4" off to the right. A few taps here and their and I came came back around.
The rear sight now has a brass shim and was re-fitted. I'll make a quick trip to the range to check my regulations and then maybe I'll solder it in place.

Sunday Shoot Results

Chalk- Frank Davenport
Cut the card- Frank Davenport
Ground silhouettes- Ron Rosen
Swing set - Glenn Macdougall
Split the Ball-Art Bennett
Balloons- Stan Wozniak
Running Deer- Terry Macdougall
Trap- Terry Macdougall

Saturdays Results

4 Target 20 shot Aggregate - 1 St.-Jim Butler-161, 2nd George Fuller-155, 3rd-Ray Pauldine. Sr.- 148x, 4th- Stan Wozniak-145

25 yard off hand- 1st Ron Smith- 41, 2nd terry Macdougall- 40x 3rd Bobby Cali- 39

50 yard off hand -1st Terry MacDougall-37 , 2nd Ron Smith-32 , 3rd Bill Hall-20

75 yard off hand - 1st Terry Macdougall-28, 2nd Glenn Macdougall-15

100 yard off hand- 1st Terry Macdougall-42, 2nd Ron Smith 18

50 yard Bench - 1st Stan Wozniak -34, 2nd Dick Bennett 28 3rd-Ron Smith-28

100 yard Bench- 1st Ron Smith -32 , 2nd Michael Cali - 7

25 yard pistol- 1st Frank Davenport-75,2nd Terry Macdougall 67 3rd Stan Wozniak - 63

25 yard Novelty - 1st Bill Brookover-40, 2nd Dick Bennett-30 3rd Glenn Macdougall 25

75 yard steel Wood chucks - 1st George Fuller -3 ,2nd- Terry Macdougall-2

100 yard Gong- 1st George Fuller-16,2nd Terry Macdougall 3 3rd Bill Hall- 2

Knife Throw- 1st Terry Macdougall-5 2nd Frank Davenport-1, 3rd Kyle Wardhough-1

Hawk - 1st Bill Hall- 4 2nd Ray Pauldine. sr 4, 3rd Frank Davenport- 4

Paper turkey head 1st Terry Macdougall- 28x 2nd Jim Butler- 28 3rd Bill Brookover-26

Paper Wood chucks-1st Bill Brookover-24 2nd Terry Macdougall-14

Paper Cat - 1st Jim Butler-26

Tie breaker - 1st Bill Brookover- 20 2nd Terry Macdougall-14

Lock Stock and Barrel is holding a raffle for a 54 Caliber Side Lock Muzzle Loader.Tickets: $2.00 each or 3/$5.00Winner's choice - $200.00 cash tickets available from any club member drawing or the gun.

Drawing will be held August 17, 2008 at Jerry Hourihan Memorail Aggregate Shoot.

Posted June 2008

Monday night shooting league starts 1st Monday in April, and lasts until the 1st Monday in October.

Shooting began's at 6:00pm.
Fee is $3.00 to shoot.
The 10 highest scores will be kept.
Low scores will be eliminated after the first 10 shoots.


Updated June 2008
June - Vern MacDougall Memorial Shoot: Click here ----> Photo Slideshow!
August - Jerry Hourihan Memorial Shoot: 2008- dates are Saturday August 16 and Sunday August 17
Family Picnic: July 20, 2008

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