Sunday, July 31, 2022

Marlin 12 ga Pump 1898 the F next to the 28” barrel Serial Number Indicates a FULL choke.

Marlin 1898

This is a consignment sale-ALL Firearms ship to a FFL.  Check your local laws if you live in or think you are in a restricted area. This includes cartridge sales-


Shipping cost vary from 45-65$ depending on your location and if shipped to a residence of business address. YES I’ll combine sales for shipping purposes. Appx cost to ship 2 rifles is a minimum of $65.00 depending on your location-residence-store front and insurance cost. 

I do not clean or test fire these firearms-I’ll run a patch down the bore & take a quick peak to not condition. IF you are not familiar or do not possess the skills- I strongly recommend you have a competent gun smith go over your purchase before taking it to the range.

Regards, #BPBReloading                   

Marlin 12 ga Pump 1898 the F next to the 28” barrel serial number indicates a FULL choke.

This SG appears to be in working order It was not test fired. Inside bore is bright outside steel is well patina with metal showing.  It appears that a screw or pin is missing on the barrel clamp as noted in the picture. 

Action cycles, hammer cocks and fires.

You can see the serial numbers so do your own research.

Regards #BPBReloading

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