Monday, August 1, 2022

CARCANO 6.5 Cartridges & Boxer Prime Brass

 This is a consignment sale-ALL Firearms ship to a FFL.  Check your local laws if you live in or think you are in a restricted area. This includes cartridges


Shipping cost vary from 45-65$ depending on your location and if shipped to a residence of business address.

YES I’ll combine sales for shipping purposes.

I do not clean or test fire these firearms-I’ll run a patch down the bore & take a quick peak to not condition. IF you are not familiar or do not possess the skills- I strongly recommend you have a competent gun smith go over your purchase before taking it to the range.

Regards, #BPBReloading                   


Carcano ammo appx 75-80 rounds I did not count the ones in the American Eagle box as it was sealed up..I know it is not a full box

The Brass 100 pcs. -2 with popped out primers to show it is good reloading brass. I did check several others- With that being stated it may not all be Boxer primed. If some are Berdan primed just drill the flash hole out. 

3 on clips 2 are FMJ the brass clip contains SP bullets.

Brown box is still sealer most likely contains 50 cartridges



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