Thursday, October 7, 2021

Product Powder-Primers-Bullets & Brass Outlook for the Rest of 2021

 25 Cal bullets SOLD 2/22

This is from one of my distributors actually my main go to for components. I will continue to place backorders for you BPB customers as long as I get a down payment. Can't afford to order on a promise while you price shop around then leave me holding hundreds of dollars in product. 




 Incoming is not encouraging at this time.  Unfortunately, we have no information to provide. We are very unlikely to take a backorder or fill any backorders on Win/Rem primers in 2021.We promise to let you know through these updates, when/if  this policy changes, for better or worse. 


Most powder backorders remain suspended at this time. We have been receiving limited amounts of  1# cans, but have a massive amount of  backorders. This will be a long process to clear existing backorders. Please see attached list for items that are available to backorder

  Manufactures price increases:

FMP Bullets - Manufacturer increase coming soon

 Nosler - 8-14% manufacturer increase, effective immediately

Speer/Federeal/Remington - Expected  Increase 11/1/21

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