Wednesday, October 13, 2021

SOLD Finnish M-27, Tikka Barrel, Finn Matching Bolt and Barrel, 1933 Dated, 7.62x54R, Finland, Finn

I have pictures screwed up between the M27 & M28 

 Finnish M-27, Tikka Barrel, Finn Matching Bolt and Barrel, 1933 Dated, 7.62x54R, Finland, Finn

This M-27 is a pretty rare example of of why you never say always when it comes to Finnish rifles. It has no SA stamp like you see on the by far majority of Finnish rifles.

It is a 1933 dated, Tikka barreled M-27 that is D and F stamped. The receiver is a 1914 Tula receiver. The numbers match on the barrel and bolt knob.

I suspect it was refinished by the Finns because the exterior finish is around 95%. It has a late war, M-27 spliced stock with rounded fingers and a “popsicle stick” reinforced nose cap. It comes with the sling pictured.

Sellers note:
This is a consignment piece if you have a specific question email me and I will forward it to the owner.
There are more pictures. I'll post them on my Blog &  FaceBook Page under #blackpowderbill
Shipping cost will be $40.00 avg. cost insured lower 48 UPS
I post the information directly from the collector/owner. BPBReloading may add additional comments on a specific ding, bore ect. They all need a good cleaning. IMPO everything needs a good cleaning!
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The rifles listed as consignment all fall ,(as I understand the BATFE writings); under the C&R FFL umbrella as they are all over 50 years old from the sale date, are Rare , special markings, were manufactured at a historical facility, given to or used by another country. These are old rifles-so check them out well or have a gunsmith look at yours to ensure it is safe to use. 
They have to be shipped to a FFL no exceptions. Let me know if they are going to a store front or residence as the shipping cost varies. Insurance is a killer on the shipping fees. 
All BPB sales are “As Is” always have been
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