Wednesday, December 23, 2020

ATF ARM BRACE BS! Hey FUDD Elections have Consequences-Yea You're Told That All the Time.

 Reply on the ATF Arm Brace BS.. 

FOR All you FUDDs who voted for "dope n chains" again-

 Make the law so fuzzy no one knows if they are or are not in compliance. Only person that knows your not in compliance will be the guy arresting you. When he slaps the cuffs on you will know too. They must have lots of room in the federal prison system. No criminal intent anymore. 

Lock people up for mistakes and mistakes they don't even know are mistakes. All designed to continue in the push to make it too costly ,too risky, too big a pain in the ass to own a firearm for any purpose.  Public safety is not what modern gun laws are about. All the adequate gun laws to do that were passed in the mid 20th century. Everything since is a infringement on the second amendment unfortunately backed up by the courts.

Then the FUDD quandary. You don't want to be a FUDD and not stand with the other gun owners against tyrannical gun laws. But you don't want your name on a list in Washington DC with your address, phone number and e-mail address for the jack booted thugs to look at either. 

They have no idea who you are, where you live, anything about you, know you are on one of the BATFE's lists of people to watch closely. You have stood in defiance of the U S Government and it will not go unnoticed. Biden has made it quite clear the easy days for gun owners in the U S are over. He is going to drastically step on the lawful gun owners to make the streets of America safe. 

Already named Beto O'Rourke to be his gun Czar. Will sign any Executive Order Beto asks for to disarm America. 

All semi-auto rifles are in Biden's crosshairs on 01/20/2021. Just a matter of time before they get around to semi-auto hand guns too.

Thanks FUDD & all you Trump Haters. Now go back & hide until the next election.  Cause many of us are tired of you drivel and crap spewing self righteous higher than better than the rest of us cause "you gots rights"!

#blackpowderbill FFL HULL GA

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