Monday, November 30, 2020

From My Largest Components Distributor_ Warehouse EMPTY

 Warehouse is empty (attached is the in stock and that is all that is available to sell at this time) and incoming has been limited with very few exceptions. We are still NOT taking backorders on primers as incoming has been extremely light. We do not have any idea at this time when this situation will improve as last couple weeks backorders on products were some of the largest since this started. We only seem to go backwards at this time and I can’t imagine it this improves in December, as that is a historically low month for incoming, due to many holiday factors. 

All we can do is continue to fill backorders as product arrives and get it shipping to you as efficiently as possible. It is an extremely frustrating situation for all involved. It would be far easier for us to have this and sell or even have quick turn arounds on backorders. Just not the case right now due to the sheer volume on backorder. This is completely out of our control, but we are hopeful that at some point we can start making some progress anywhere. Wish we had better news or any news really at this time.

We are happy to answer your calls and try and help, but please keep the following in mind when contacting sales: 

1.       We have no idea on when backorders will fill. Even when product does arrive it fills a very small fraction of backorders in place.

2.       We are just trying to help, please be kind as we are answering same questions over and over and have no control over when product arrives

3.       Existing backorders may take months to fill, surprisingly many call the week after placing a backorder to check if we know anything yet

Regards, #blackpowderbill

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