Saturday, November 11, 2017

Politicians Gun Laws "Common Sense" Criminals or Victims

The criminal's mind is warped by damage or his surroundings. So leggiscritters can call for "common sense" laws but all they are saying is 2 words; "common" & "sense" which politicians don't have nor do the criminals they are trying to rule.

What politicians are really saying is.
Criminal as in US you and I, because politicians & law enforcement see us a either criminals or victims. As firearms owners were are criminals to everyone BUT most other firearms owners.

Like my tag signature says:
You're already a criminal, you just haven't been arrested yet.

com·mon sense
ˌkämən ˈsens/Submit
good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.
"use your common sense"
synonyms: good sense, sense, native wit, sensibleness, judgment, levelheadedness, prudence, discernment, canniness, astuteness, shrewdness, wisdom, insight, perception, perspicacity; practicality, capability, resourcefulness, enterprise; informalhorse sense, gumption, savvy, smarts, street smarts
"I had the common sense to phone an ambulance instead of yelling at him to get up"

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