Friday, December 15, 2017

Firearms Owners & the Mental Health Scam

Run this plan.
You know how the mental health system or medical community is always on some sort or mission to raise awareness for a specific illness. Well, I was thinking of the past media blitz on mental health and the need for more of our tax dollars to fund the medical system. How much are you willing to bet that much of the mental health reporting for firearms owners is a ruse to get government to fund more pork I.E. junk research in the medical community.

With very little going to the actual patients. I bet if we could get a look into the medical lobbyist emails and letters we'd find a direct link to them lobbying Albany for funds to support them. Just like the other anti groups have done. It's all to similar.

So ask your legislators who in the medical community has been in to speak for support for mental health issues & mentioned guns in the same meeting.

If the government can't get you in the system as a criminal. A mental health problem will do just as well.

It all boils down to control of your life & wallet.

 With the government and crooked politicians either one will do to break you.  Why would a politician and those in jobs the need our tax dollars care if you were made a criminal, as long as they collected a pay check and co-pays from you?

Really why would they care if your life is ruined?

They don't , and the sooner some of you wake up from that coma the better off you'll be.

Like I've written in the past. "you're already a criminal, you just have't been arrested yet".

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