Friday, November 10, 2017

White Man's Laws Government's Lack of Accountability Our Money Wasted

 The whole big picture is to #1. register all firearms owners & possessions.
#2 To register everyone who can be deemed with any sort of illness that may cause a thinking impairment. Yet the American Disabilities Act forbids against discrimination of the disabled.  A felony does not need to possess a firearm. The problem is to many are all to willing to make anyone that does not follow the progressing commie doctrines a criminal.  Even a guy who have a few beers and is pulled over looses all his driving privileges for a period of time & is kept on record for TEN years.

We firearms owners look at the issue of firearms & people  registration using the 2nd amendment argument. IMO the  difference from IBM's data collection in Pre-WWII Germany to the FaceBook of today is people are willing to give FaceBook the information. We need to take all those laws on the books that gave all the special people individual rights above the regular guy & use them against the government and antis. Much the same way the animal rights and environmental groups have done. I tried for several decades to get firearms groups to understand this is how we hold off the troops.

Unfortunately many told me ,"Yea but no judge will side with us". There is a vast difference from being a criminal that is mentally ill to a person who is disabled either permanently or temporarily due to an illness. If a group can come to a small county in Ga and demand a donated statue with a bible verse on it can't be on a public school ground. If a group of self proclaimed anti everything can protest about 100 year old statues...Then explain to me how streets & schools can be named after all kinds of religious people?

I tell the firearms owners of NY again; trust no one in government. If the firearms ban had been funded we'd not seen one support letter for any county clerk. The amount of money local law enforcement receives from the state for special projects is beyond our imagination. We only see these politicians at election time. If they are present more than not it is to gain intel on what we plan to do.

 I'll say it again, these firearms laws are "white man's laws". Which is a law that will affect the majority of white male firearms owners.  We need to use the government's laws against them. To go further, every time the government creates a law for a special group it is a law against white males everywhere. Even though many white males push for these laws.

Firearms groups need to push the failed data collection systems and billions of dollars spent as a total lack of confidence in the government to properly govern their own programs.

Regards BPB

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