Monday, April 15, 2013

SNL Takes a Poke at the Federal Firearms Bill~Weekly sales still brisk

SNL pokes the Federal Fireams Bill

Bullet Sales continue to be over the top.
 Last weeks sales:
2 Lee Reloader Press's
3,500 9mm bullets
Lee 35 Rem die set
200 pcs 223 LC brass
70 pcs Rem '06 brass
45-70 Trapdoor Springfield [personal rifle]
250 38 supers 130gr
1 bx Hornady 452 200gr FTX

AND more awaiting payment or to be shipped.

 Due to fuel prices I'll be limiting my trips for shipping to 2 times per week.

I have a Lyman Expert reloading kit listed at around $400.00 it has all the accessories in one package to get you started on a lifetime of reloading...less the dies and components.

Also in stock Remington NEW 45acp brass and 1,800 pcs of "PROCESSED" LC 223 brass.

See my GunBroker auctions listed under BPBRS for details and prices.

Regards BPB

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