Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Practical Shooting League @ Wallkill Rod & Gun Club

Below is the Announcement for the 1st Annual Practical Shooting League @ Wallkill Rod & Gun Club. Please contact me to sign up. Also please foward this to all who may be interested. I apologize in advance if you receive this message more than once as I am sending it to multiple lists.

Frank Riess

Practical Shooting League @ Wallkill Rod & Gun Club
On Thursday May 2nd we will be starting our first annual Practical Shooting League at Wallkill Rod & Gun Club. The league will run every Thursday in May (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th). Start time will be 5:30pm unless otherwise noted.
A practical shooting match generally consists of multiple stages (courses of fire). We will be running a different stage every week. Time and ammunition permitting, competitors may run each stage several times. Each run will cost $12, which equates to a $60 league fee if each stage is only shot once.
The league is being designed to appeal to new and seasoned shooters alike. By participating you will learn new shooting techniques, meet fellow shooters, see and try new gear, challenge yourself and have a crack at some awesome prizes. Below you will find the basics. We are hard at work ironing out details and trying to get this thing together in a short time. If some info is unclear or missing, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. Understand that some of the issues may still be getting worked out.
Targets: We will be engaging a variety of targets from paper to steel to clay pigeons. Please keep bird shot smaller than #7 shot (7.5, 8 and up are fine) and no steel core or penetrator style rifle bullets. They are expensive to shoot and they will destroy our steel targets.
Equipment: To participate, you will need access to a safe center-fire handgun (revolver or auto), 12 or 20 gauge shotgun (any action type) and a semi auto center-fire rifle. If you can handle it safely, shoot it well and reload it quickly, it will work. A good safe holster for the pistol you will be using is necessary. The holster should have a retention device that will stop the handgun from leaving the holster during vigorous movement. Magazine pouches are a good idea, but not mandatory. You will need several spare magazines for both your rifle and pistol. You can get by with 3 for each, but the more the merrier. If you don’t have the equipment, sharing will be permitted. PLEASE DO NOT bring magazines that have a capacity greater than ten rounds. Eye and ear protection is mandatory at this event for competitors and spectators. Please bring eyes and ears.
*A note on equipment – week #1 will be a pistol only stage. You only need to bring your pistol, holster, pistol mags and pistol ammo. If you want to bring the rest of your gear to show off, ask questions or leave in the car that is fine.
**Another note on equipment – Get ammo while you can. Don’t wait until last minute. We understand ammo is hard to come by right now so plan accordingly. We have tailored the stages so that vast amounts of ammo will not be necessary. If shot clean (with no misses) Stage 1 can be completed in just 20 pistol rounds.
Scoring: In a nut shell scoring will be time plus penalties.
Shooter 1 43.45 seconds + 0.0 in penalties beats Shooter 2 53.67 seconds + 0.0 in penalties
Shooter 1 15.67 seconds + 50 seconds in penalties loses to Shooter 2 51.35 seconds + 0.0 in penalties
Penalties will consist of FTN (Failure to Neutralize), FTE (Failure to Engage), No-Shoots (hitting a target that you are not supposed to) and Procedurals (not following directions). Each of these penalties will add a specified amount of time to your run. Actual penalty values to be announced.
In essence this breaks down to a balance between accuracy and speed. Rankings each week will equate to points which will contribute towards an aggregate.
Awards: To be announced, but they will be distributed throughout the field (Lewis Class or otherwise) and they will be good.
Sign Up: Most good 3 Gun or Practical Matches fill up within a day or so of the announcement. Many are invite-only due to their popularity. We expect this one to fill up as well. To sign up for this league, contact me at
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