Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today's fiery passion, will it be next week’s smoke?

Today's fiery passion, will it be next week’s smoke?
Firearms Ban's
It is very difficult to channel a person's passion when you have to give them a 100 year history lesson. It is even more difficult to attend a meeting , recognize faces you've spoken to over the years...AND they still have never voted nor do they know who their elected politicians are.  It's pretty sad that every web site that is political in nature has contact information so people can contact their legislators. I mean, shouldn’t you know who you voted for?

It’s not that Paul and I are saying “told ya so” . We’re telling people to do some research, read beyond the “it’s my Rights” mantra. Get off the forums, we don’t need 12 new 2nd amendment groups in NY we need those of you who’ve never belonged to join one of the two that are well informed. Join us so we can lead you in the correct direction. Stop listening to those who are theorizing what the firearms laws are and look/read at what the laws really are & were.
People using incorrect firearms terminology. I.E. using the antis lingo is letters and speeches. People quoting statics from political hacks and not understanding how the NICS FFL checks are conducted and the meanings behind delayed and denied. Then giving opinion’s on how the FBI never follows up on those delayed or denied a firearm transfer.. These type of letters and false opinions is what gives politicians the BS they run with.

I see report after report that confuses the 1934 NFA Act and the 1968 Gun Control Act. I’ve had people argue with me and cuss me over the 20-30 rd magazine deal from the 1994 Pataki firearms ban after the Feds lifted their ban. People could not understand that NY never lifted the Clinton/Pataki ban, there for they were not compliant owning the items listed in the 1994 ban.
I see dozens of letters from the passionate people making statements like. Why didn’t you ask us to sit down and discuss this? We could come to an understanding and compromise.   I said it decades ago and will repeat it till the day I die; “ Sportsmen & firearms owners have compromised themselves out of their sport and businesses”.

One of my biggest bones at this period in time is the Opt-Out form….If everyone is dead set against the SAFE ACT then why in the hell are they sending the OPT-OUT form around like it’s the best thing ever?
To accept this one little part of the SAFE ACT is to give in and tell Gov. Cuomo that “hey; we like part of you firearms ban”. And that is exactly how Gov. Cuomo will report this!
That is why I made video’s on YouTube titled; Political ADD & Zombie Firearms owners. So people could take a few minutes and listen to what I was trying to tell them.
Disturbing as this firearms ban is. Why would people run out, stand in line for hours to purchase a firearm that was banned, plus one they’d have to register??  You have to ask these questions in an attempt to understand how to communicate to people who act irrational in an effort to understand how to focus and direct their new found passion.

Hopefully they, the “new passionate ones” will keep this passion so I can retire and enjoy the outdoors I gave up to fight for sportsmen and firearms owners.

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