Friday, February 15, 2013

Political posturing NY Counties support the 2nd amendment

New York is in an uproar and you have to ask; where have all you supporters been the last 10 decades?   Several counties have written and passed resolutions against the recent Governor's passage of the SAFE ACT or as I like to refer to it , New York's Firearms and Ammo ban.


I'm having a hard time believing the counties are really against the firearms ban for the sake of the U.S. Constitional 2nd amendment.  I do understand the personal reasons why a politician will come out against the firearms/ammo ban. But it is my 40 years of political understanding that is job related. I.E. go against this and your out of a job!  For decades anti firearms/ammo bills have been passed and rejected and not one county came out for or against them.

 I see the counties posturing for several reasons:
1. It's another unfunded state mandate.
2. The backlash may /will effect any elected posistion/person who supports the firearms/ammo ban. 3. With all the political posturing I've yet to see anyone actually come out and say they "WILL NOT ENFORCE" the firearms & ammo ban. 
4. We now have people which includes retired law enforcement making written statements of how the ban will be rolled out and implimented. Really, like it's some official word from the State Ploice Superintendent.

 My questions remain;
Who will come out & state they "WILL NOT ENFORCE"? Where were all these counties for the last 100 years while judges picked and choosed how to process a pistol permit...the 1st state firearms registration. 
The hard questions will remain long after the political bravado dies.

Oh yea, one more thing, do not comment back I do not understand the issue or situation. I have a very deep undestanding of what is going to happen after the flag waving and speech's subside.

Just remember what political parties threw you under the bus.

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