Friday, February 8, 2013

Firearms owners "STARVE New York STATE"!

 I'm urging every firearm owner to cancel their newspaper, cable TV, stop purchasing lottery tickets, don't purchase a hunting license for at least 2 years as a start. Hunter education instructors resign today. Teach no one for FREE any longer. Stop supporting the very people who have taken your hunting lands away.  Pay your taxes at the last possible minute do anything and everything you can to stop the flow of money into the state’s coffers.
All these letters of protest from county officials are pure bull. These officials , if they really cared should have been protesting Cuomo’s SAFE ACT the first day it was news.  Now they see the back lash! So its self-preservation from elected officials who fear not the cost of state mandates, but the fear of being voted out of office.
 Every firearm owner needs to select from their club people to run for office. Town boards, zoning, school boards, mayor any and every position possible. If we, the firearms owners control local government then we can control Albany.
 Sportsmen and firearms owners have compromised themselves right out of their sport and livelihood.

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