Sunday, May 1, 2011

Green movement a rip off ,wood burning & charcoal

I work in the HVAC field and I'm a licensed Stationary Engr., I.E. Power plant operator. I see so much waste in the ECO green movement. All most of it is, is our tax dollars funding another study or equipment re-commissioning that should have been installed correctly in the first place.

If you're making lump charcoal from logs, branches and the like I feel it is a waste of heat, especially for cooking. You can make charcoal out of corn cobs which is still a waste of heat but at least you're not using a tree. I'd rather turn a tree into a board, then use the left over’s for heating,cooking or compost.

IMO the best thing to come along are the wood pellets and bricks. They take sawdust or another bio-mass waste, for lack of a better word and use it for fuel. (Industry also use's sawdust for charcoal)
You don't use charcoal in a foundry or forge it doesn't maintain the heat you need. You use Coal and then different types of coal are used for different applications.
I see guys cutting down trees all summer long from hunting property to use as heat in their homes. I tell them, why don't you buy a ton of coal? Save your trees for lumber. They reply the trees are free. Oh really, your time & the saw alone are worth more than the price of a ton of coal, year after year.
I suppose if you ran a meat smoking process you could use the excess heat from the charcoal to heat water for some sort of hydronics heat letting the smoke cure your product.
Then you'd have an excuse for the charcoal as it would be a by-product of 2 or 3 processes.

You have to get as much work as possible out of a product/process as possible to make it cost effective. Lump charcoal doesn’t do that.

Yes I know my wife told me duck is $2.99 a per pound at Aldi’s. I could have purchased 50 for what I have in the 10 ah 7 left that the fox hasn’t killed off yet.
 Well that is unless that is you’re doing it for fun then it a hobby. $$$

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