Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Washington Times editorial /Second Amendment Foundation

Dear Gun Rights Supporter,

I thought that you would like to read The Washington Times editorial recognizing the most recent and important legal work the Second Amendment Foundation has undertaken to protect and expand our gun rights.

The link to the editorial is here:

As you can see the national media has recognized that the Second Amendment Foundation is the leading organization defending gun rights in the courts.

Since our Supreme Court victory in the McDonald v. Chicago case we have filed scores of lawsuits in Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, North Carolina, Washington, D.C., as well as a number of other states.

Your tax-deducible donations have made all this possible.

I have more new cases ready to file but can't commit to them without your continued help and support.

It is very important that all these cases get filed and have decisions rendered before President Obama can stack the federal courts with his anti-gun rights judges. I can't name one judge that Obama has nominated that supports your right to keep and bear arms.

So today, I must ask you to help us again with a generous tax-deducible contribution so that the Foundation can continue the important legal work that we need to undertake.
It will only take a minute to help and you can do it online by going to:

Please help today so that we can continue “Winning Firearms Freedom one Lawsuit at a Time” and stay on the offensive in this important battle to keep and expand our gun rights.
Thank you again for making all of our victories possible!

Sincerely yours,
Alan Gottlieb, Founder
Second Amendment Foundation
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