Saturday, February 5, 2011

The next firearms compromise ~ will be??

After I arrived home this at 0500 today I went to my American Rifleman library and pulled out 1968. I wanted to see the hype surrounding the 1968 GCA. Naturally the NRA commented on all the if's and's & but's. What most of us already know is the NRA was very instrumental in writing this legislation. They also had a big hand in compromise of 1934 and 1938 regulations.

They actually reference this point by point.

 Another series of articles one in particular  referenced a ballistic comparison in a 1955 article. 4 articles all spoke about the evils of ballistic images and how it was a waste of money. I haven't pulled out the 1955 copy yet. However from the long and detailed imaging writings and the other months 1968 GCA arguments it seems compromise was all the rage.

 I'm waiting to see what the recent round of compromise will be. From scouring the internet forums many other feel it will be a change 4473, increased registration,gun show and private sale NICS for a watered down national "shall issue" carry permit. With each state setting up there own kingdom of infringements.

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