Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nassau County will not appeal Colored gun suit

Nassau County will not appeal the ruling

Reference: "State Courts Reject Challenges To Uniform Laws," America's 1st
Freedom (March 2011, Page 57)

As the main Petitioner in Chwick v. Mulvey--the lawsuit that invalidated the "deceptively colored" handgun ban law in Nassau County, New York--I am pleased to advise that Nassau County will not be appealing the ruling. The parties reached an agreement whereby I would not pursue the costs I was awarded by the court in exchange for the county waiving its right to appeal to New York's highest court.

While I was confident that our decision would withstand further appeal, it made sense from an economic standpoint to accept the county's offer. It also ensured that the decision would stay on the books and remain binding precedent in the New York counties that contain about half of the state's population.

Of course, I certainly could have used the money I won to pay off some of the
considerable amount of outstanding legal fees that I still owe. But it was more
important to me to finalize this important preemption victory for the benefit of
New York's gun owners.

My case established that preemption of firearm laws is alive and well in New
York. We are in a much better position here than we were prior to the ruling!

Alan Chwick, NRA Life Member
5 Brunella Street
Freeport, NY 11520
P.S. You may print my address, if you wish.

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