Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NYSMLA letter to the DEC

I want you all to notice the date at the end of this list & to all you NY outdoor writers can ya tell me why your readers are not seeing my Primitive definition? I have had several people call me and ask if it's only for flintlocks.


Here we go with our compiled list. Many of us are multi-season hunters so we have many varied interest in the deer herd future.

- First and foremost would be an early southern zone muzzleloader season. We would welcome any opportunity in "normal" weather. This could be an early antlerless (use your DMP permit)only, or full blown use of your ML tag. Whether or not it is before an archery season or in between the archery and regular season, any new opportunity would be welcomed. Many have objected to the use of in-lines for an early season and we would not be against a "primitive" (sidelock) designation for the early season and any ML for a late season.

- Next would be legalization of crossbows. Legalize it and then worry about where it fits. There can be many places to utilize the Xbow. If not in the early season, allow it during the regular season in the archery only areas, allow it during the regular season in all areas where guns are legal, allow it in the ML season early or late, allow it in the late archery season. WE should not regulate for only the old or handicapped. As long as it is lethal and can take the animal with the same impact as the current archery equipment or gun, who cares? we need more hunters in the field. To limit crossbow use to older or handicapped people would be like restricting scopes on guns to people with eye problems. BPB comment~(naturally a good set of glasses will correct an eye problem, not a scope)

- Big topic is AR - we are firmly against AR's on public land. Private lands people can do what they want but with decreasing access it is a hardship on those that are not privileged to own land or belong to a big group that leases lands. This is statewide -

- Farmers need to give increased access to hunt their land. This will cut down on nuisance permits provided hunters can take more deer during hunting season. If you close your land to hunters - no nuisance permits!
The state can increase DMP's,but if you can not find land to hunt on it does no good.

-Suggestion has also been for an extra primitive week in January
If the take is not close to the projected numbers then extend that another 3 or 4 days till the numbers are obtained. Its the only way the state will be able to reduce the herd in high number areas.Fall hunting may be traditional, but to control the herd they will have to break tradition to do it.

- Since the DECALS implementation it is possible to take more bucks in a season. With the increased emphasis on growing older bucks, cut down on the buck harvest with a "ONE Buck" or "earn a buck system". Your one buck tag to use in your season of choice, the others must be antlerless where regulations allow. North and south can be separate regulations or the same.

- Allow consignment of regular license like the DMP's can be signed over now. It happens now all the time and if we are below harvest estimates wouldn't this help? This kinda of contradicts the "One Buck" approach but different people have different perspectives.

- Have a separate license for the "North"and "South" seasons. Many people who hunt the north and get "lucky" get locked out of the southern zone unless they have DMP. This would also be added revenue as it would not be "free".

Hope this provides you with some insight on the issues we have collected from our members.
As always, call or write if you have any questions or would like to discuss.

Thanks for the opportunity to input.....

Eric "Griz" Bratt
NYS Muzzleloaders Assoc
NYS Conservation Council - Big Game Committee
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So NY sportsmen where is your associations proposal?

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