Monday, October 26, 2009

Crossbows again, NY outdoor writers miss the mark!

This AM I opened another forwarded email that contained the latest article by Dick Nelson, which is featured here Bowhunters Take To The Trees

This is the second article I've seen from Dick since the NYB and NYSMLA sent out our joint proposal. In each article not once was the crossbow bill mentioned. To be fair Dick is not alone the biggest proponent of crossbows in NY never mentioned the bill in his latest article either. We all read about lots of action this past spring but it all revolved around the disabled being able to use a crossbow, which I feel is discriminatory. The crossbow should be legal for all NY'ers to use if they so desire.

So here is my comment left on Nelson's comment section.###

Dick, You and others can talk about crossbows in every article you write and you're not going to get anywhere by talking about what should be unless you let people know about the bills. Yea I know that is what the sportsmen’s groups are supposed to be doing. I’ve let people know about Bill A00923 which is discriminatory & contains more than the crossbow. So my question is what is the hold up on the NY outdoors writers end?
Not once, that I've seen in the last 8 weeks has any outdoor writer mentioned the ill written, discriminatory bill that has been rotting away in the NY house due to lack of support. This is the very same thing I use to talk about a President of the Wayne County Federation. All the talk was in meetings and 30 minutes out the door it was a new day till the following meeting.
Look fellow NY sportsmen, with all the emails you receive daily, you know what I’m talking about. All those useless jokes and political bull have any of you opened a letter of support for the crossbow bill. I mean a “genuine bonified” letter for support addressed to a NY Senator, Legislator or the DEC’s Commissioner? Better yet how about a “genuine bonified” press release published in one of the hundreds of newspapers published daily in NY?
I know I haven’t. So ah what gives NY?
BILL NO A00923 SAME AS No same asSPONSOR DelMonteCOSPNSR GordonMLTSPNSR Crouch, Giglio Amd SS11-0307, 11-0901, 11-0903, 11-0905, 11-0701, 11-1103, 11-0931 & 11-1101,rpld & add S11-0901 sub 16, En Con L Makes provisions relating to migratory birds, game birds, turtles, longbows, crossbows and cable restraints; open season and bag limits for certain wild game.

Bill Brookover
President NYSMLA
Director SCOPE
Director/Past President
Past officer & President Wayne County Federation
& more

New Proposal Favors Bowhunters Published: Thursday, September 24, 2009 2:16 PM EDT

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