Friday, May 22, 2009

NY State Muzzle Loaders Assn Championship shoot

AUGUST 22-23 ( 2009) Hosted by Alabama Hunt Club

Match Range, yds Target Position # of shots
1 25 Double 6 bull offhand 5
2 50 100 yd offhand 53 50 6 bull rest 54 100 b17 offhand 10 5 100 100 yd rest 100 6 200 200 yd offhand 10
7 200 b19 rest 5
Non-re-entry aggregates, re-entry in individual matches. Individual matches are round ball only. Agg Possible = 200 points rest, 300 points 500. NYS Flint Team Qualification Matches: Inquire
Special 200 yard prize match this year!
..... ..... CLUB TEAM MATCH ..... ..... Sign up for a team when you register.
Fees-Registration: $3 Championship Classes:Camping: FREE Bring wood/water Round Ball: Perc & Flint
Aggregate: $7.00 3 places in Agg, eachTeam Match: no chargeOther: Ladies, Juniors, Slug/Cart, Flint Smoothbore…
Individual Match: $2.00 Individual Match Re-Entry: $1.00**Aggregate will be the same for all classes.**Other classes will be added if shooters express interest.Eye and ear protection requested.. Scoring by CENTER OF BALL.Spotting scopes, shooting jackets, pads, chaw straps, tackle boxes, benches, hoods, wind sticks, unlimited practice, beginners, experts,and confusion: ALLOWED.Championship Agg Awards go to High Scores in each class.Challenge Cup Trophy to Highest Round ball Agg score.1st through 3rd place awards given in RB Championship aggs.Awards for 3 places in yardage matches, roundball only.
Awards may be changed to Certificates, cash, or other prizes.

For directions and information: Dennis Davis
Club Matches: George Buskey
Pre Register: Tom Henley
Contact numbers in the NYSMLA “GroupTightner”
Campers: Bring your own wood and water!

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