Friday, May 22, 2009

Bob Oaks votes against bad firearms legislation

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Dear Bill,
During the past several months, I have received numerous e-mail messages and calls from my constituents regarding the issue of gun control. Many spoke out against one bill in particular, while others opposed several. I certainly appreciated receiving everyone's thoughts on these proposals.
As you may be aware, a package of gun-related bills was voted on by the Assembly last week. I wanted to provide you with an update on these measures and have listed below the bills that I voted against.
• (A.801-A/S.1598-A) - Requires the renewal of firearms licenses outside the city of New York (vote 87-58);
• (A.5844/S.3098) - Enacts the "Children's Weapon Accident Prevention Act" (vote 95 - 46);
• (A.6468/S.4397) - Requires semi-automatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in the state to be capable of micro-stamping ammunition (vote 94 - 47);
• (A.1326/S.5228) - Proscribes persons, firms or corporations engaged in retail business of selling firearms from selling, delivering or transferring child operated firearms (vote 94 - 49);
• (A. 7574) - Provides that collateral loan brokers shall store firearms in the same manner as gunsmiths and dealers in firearms are required to store them (vote 106 - 35);
• (A.1093/S.1715) - Requires the creation and imposition of restrictive commercial practices and stringent recordkeeping and reporting to prevent gun sales to criminals (vote 85 - 59);
• (A.2881/S.2379) - Includes possession of armor piercing, frangible or devastator ammunition as criminal possession of a weapon (vote 92 - 50);
• (A.2882-A) - Provides for the submission of expended projectiles and shell casings and guns to the state police pistol and revolver ballistic identification electronic databank (vote 92 - 49);
• (A.3211-A/S.4752) - Bans the sale, possession or use of 50-caliber weapons (vote 90-31);
• (A.5078/S.725) - Amends the definition of disguised gun to include certain guns that are designed and intended to appear to be a toy gun (vote 96 - 46);
• (A.3076) - Establishes a safety course requirement for firearm license (vote 94 - 47); and
• (A.6157) - Relates to banning the possession, sale or manufacture of assault weapons; repealer (vote 88 - 53).
Throughout my years as a state assemblyman, I have been a strong advocate of the rights of gun owners. You can be assured of my continued efforts to work with like-minded colleagues to protect the 2" Amendment rights of our law-abiding citizens and provide more opportunities for our sportswomen and sportsmen.
Thank you again for letting me know of your interest in this important issue. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me whenever I can be of assistance to you.

Member of Assembly
Thank You for standing up for NY's firearms owners.

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