Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tea Party Repeal the SPENDING ACT of 2009

Historic Boston Tea Party,
Send a tea bag in an envelope, to the oval office,your Congressman or Senator to arrive on April 1st, 2009.
A stamp is a small price to pay to show your outrage over the plan.
Put a reminder on your cell phone, PDA or puter!!

Rick Santelli Rant against bailout

"Tea Party" info
Click here: Rick Santelli’s Chicago Tea Party

Now if you are thinking like I am, that homeland stupidity will show up at your door for placing a teabag in an envelope, then use this picture of an original tea stamp.

Print it out stuff it in an envelope and mail away!

Here is another stamp that gets our message across.

Governments spending has gotten out of hand. Especially when those of us who work have to endure sarcastic and job threatening comments from upper management.

Comments from some of the very people that will still be able to retire and collect large sums of cash till the day they die!

Regards BPB

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