Friday, February 20, 2009

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Another Brady hallucination: More guns, more ‘gun violence’ (Part 1)
recent USA Today article discussed pending legislation on the open carrying of holstered handguns. It also afforded the Brady Campaign’s president an opportunity to display his knowledge of the situation:

Says Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which opposes open-carry laws: "We don't want more people carrying guns either openly or concealed because the more guns you have in a situation, the more likely you are to get gun violence." [Emphasis added]
The following series examines various government datasets to test Helmke’s “more guns, more violence” theory.

Examining the 2007 Brady report card
February 15, 4:54 PM
by Howard Nemerov, Austin Gun Rights Examiner Part 1

Another Brady hallucination Part 2
In part 1, we cross-referenced 2007 FBI crime data and Brady report card scores, and found that the higher the Brady grade––more “common sense gun restrictions” according to Brady––the higher the murder and violent crime rates.

While this correlation impacts Brady’s credibility as a reputable source for policy advice, the FBI data cited does not directly correlate gun prevalence to violent crime rates. Fortunately, there is a dataset cited by Brady which addresses this issue.
February 19, 9:43 AM
by Howard Nemerov, Austin Gun Rights Examiner

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