Monday, February 16, 2009

Combined Ballistic Identification System (CoBIS)

Given the state deficit for 2009, and proposed deficits for several years out, repeal of the Combined Ballistic Identification System (CoBIS) is in order. It is too costly, has not provided the results that anti-gun groups said it would within the allotted time frame, and, in fact, has provided not even one prosecution for any crime under its provisions.

It has cost NYS taxpayers over $30 million in the time it has been on the books. Maryland State Police, who have a similar program, have called for its dismantling, as the cost could provide better benefits if used in other policing efforts. In addition, California’s former Attorney General, Democrat Bill Lockyer, after a study on nearly identical legislation in that state, declared such a program not technologically feasible. For more info on CoBIS see: CoBIS Report

Therefore, we, the undersigned, request that CoBIS be repealed, that the money thus applied be put back into the treasury, and used to offset the new bill(s) to force a renewable Pistol Permit, and fees associated with it, including fees to offset the state’s deficit in any given year.

Since it is known that such does not benefit the individual citizen, and in fact may cause undue hardship, including the loss of right due to the inability of many poor people to keep their permits based on these fees, thus leaving them more vulnerable to crime, and criminals, we ask that no bill be signed into law by the current governor, David Paterson, nor any future governors.

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