Sunday, December 21, 2008

Worried about welfare increases STOP

To many people are fixated on New York's budget increase for welfare recipients~ so stop it, RIGHT NOW.

It’s an investment~
A few prices have dropped but it is nothing to brag about, NY State made millions on all increases in products the last 18 months. That is something you don't hear them talk about when whining about the losses. Things like cell phone and internet that have reaped billions of tax dollars are not mentioned either.
20 years ago these taxes never existed.

1. Welfare gets an increase because it is tied to the U.S. agricultural department.
2. Don't forget about the new 2 million people who have lost jobs in the last year they are entitled to support as well.
3. A government can’t very well give billions to millionaires and not send a few dollars to a guy who has worked 30 years for a company that went tits up because the CEO is a thief.

Welfare increases don't bother me near as much as all the corporate and government thieves who approved the fleecing of America.
The government will always throw out a hot topic such as welfare to distract the people from what is really going on.
AND sad to say people fall for it.

Don’t read the media reports on NY budget go and read the actual 88 budget items.

Government people like Obie-1 never use the word “spend” any more, the new word is always an “investment” in our youth, country, security, policy.
No matter how you wrap it; horseshit is still horseshit even though some call it manure.


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