Monday, December 29, 2008

Bullet sizing dies on the cheap

If you don't want to spend a $100.00 r more for few sizing dies then here is a trick I've done for a few folks in the past.

Take a 7/8" dial X 14 thread bolt.
This thread size will fit in your press. Check first~you know the deal
Find a drill close to the dia you need. 31/64 is .4844" [.4921 is 12.5 mm]
Cut the hex off of the bolt
Find someone who has a lathe and drill the hole all the way through the bolt. You can do this in a drill press it just takes a few minutes longer to find center.
Make up a piece of wood dowel rod wrapped with fine sand paper to clean up the tool marks.
Take a round grinding stone, the cheap kind that fits in you drill motor and chamfer the bolt hole a tad. Just enough to round it off so the bullets self center at the start.

You can thread it in your press and use a dowel rod , like the one left over from sanding; to push the bullets through or do them by hand.

Or give me a call

Good luck

Regards BPB

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