Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NY's 88 fee increases & cuts to sportsmen's programs

88 yes 88 new taxes or :"fees" as they are named by government 88

What frost my nards is the bottle bill tax will go into the environmental fund pit never to be seen by anyone ever again.
I also have a lifetime hunt/fish license I see they did not discuss what I asked at the Grannis meeting & that was how do you propose to give us life timer's our special tags?

As I read off some of Patterson's list to the wife I replied; that I'd rather have a property tax increase, that way I could at least write it off.

BTW did you all see the 18% tax on beverages to help combat obesity?
Their is another healthy tax that will go into some administrators bonus check.

What Patterson fails to undrestand while the state is looking at laying off some 3,000 odd employes they never mention if they are part time'rs, seasonal, contract or full time. 3k out of almost 200,000 state employees. You know as well as I do that all government and corporations are filled with top heavy administration.
Maybe this will force those who were promoted under the special peoples & promote a moron act to come back to base camp and deal with some of the problems they initiated. OUCH

The state tosses out unemployed statics like they are including all unemployed. If you all remember a few years back many states adopted a benifits for pay plan. In his plan they only paid benifits for say a year after hat the unemployed were dropped from the states unemployment rolls.
If we have a 7.6% actual counted unemployment, (that is if you believe the government figures) rate then the real numbers ma well by %15 or more.
The state & feds plan is to let the people pay for the criminal acts of the government and private CEO’s million’s of golden retirements & fleecing America.

Can't even protest:
Now if we host a sit in or march on the government they’ll just call it a terrorist act and toss us all in one of those FEMA camps.

Then again lets hit the schools:
We might start at home by attending school budget meetings and protest anything but education? I see Rochester had a bone tossed at them for another theater in Renaissance Square. Oh goodie I say, another theater to go with the other 2 losers on opposing corners of the block.
Maybe I can get on board and support the purchase of a leaky broke dick boat to float our leaders off into he sunset in.
I’ll name it the “Fairies to Freedom” !

Regards, Bill

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