Friday, December 30, 2022

Pedersoli Charleville 69 cal Flintlock Super Nice Condition

 Consignment sale

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Payment Money order or bank check

Shipping will be around $75.00 due to length, where it's going & insurance

Some areas require this be shipped to a FFL  

I'll need a copy of your ID for age and address verification-

Thanks BPB

Slightly used ,

  I took this in back April & traded it for 2 rifles. New owner never fired it. 

Now it's back again. $1250.00 plus shipping.

As per manufacture:

 An exact copy of the famous French flintlock musket modified and employed during the 9th year of the French Revolutions. 

Different from the 1777 Charleville (our FR0930) in that the "Corrige An IX" has 3 barrel bands held in place with retaining springs instead of screws. Frizzen is a slightly different shape and lock plate is marked differently. This is a .69 caliber full stock. The barrel is armory bright and tapered round. Features a steel furniture left bright, lock plate marked. 

Manufactured by Pedersoli/Italy.      Overall condition is Nice!!

Thanks for looking

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