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M-38 Izhevsk, 1942, Carbine, Laminated Stock, Soviet Union, 7.62x54R, Russia


M38 1942

This is a consignment sale-ALL Firearms ship to a FFL.  Check your local laws if you live in or think you are in a restricted area. This includes cartridges

FOLLOW the GunBroker order process- I can NOT move them forward until YOU DO! This causes me to  Force the sale order closed.

Many guys are not leaving BPB feedback-I’ve given several notices-Failure to leave me feedback , I’ll not leave you feed back.  I don’t even get a “HEY the rifle made it!”


Shipping cost vary from 45-85$ depending on your location and if shipped to a residence or business address. YES I’ll combine sales for shipping purposes.

I do not clean or test fire these firearms-I’ll run a patch down the bore & take a quick peak to note condition. IF you are not familiar or do not possess the skills- I strongly recommend you have a competent gun smith go over your purchase before taking it to the range.

She’s in nice condition-Good Bore- Muzzle is counter bored

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M-38 Izhevsk, 1942, Carbine, Laminated Stock, Soviet Union, 7.62x54R, Russia


This is an M-38 Carbine made at the Izhevsk Arsenal in 1942. This is an arsenal refinished rifle in 7.62 x 54r caliber.  A “white” Soviet sling and dog collars are included.

The rifle is matching but the floor plate number on the magazine has been lined out and restamped with the correct number in the correct font. It has a true, laminated M-38 stock which is pretty rare in itself. Notice that the stock has an additional stock reinforcing bolt on the wrist of the stock and there is a small repair on the right side of the stock near the butt plate.

Here is your chance to own a rare variant of the M-38 Mosin Nagants Carbine.

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