Monday, January 18, 2021

AMMO & Components Outlook Grimm #blackpowderbill

 Wholesale stock report: Good morning. Attached is the most recent in stock report. It continues to decrease despite some decent incoming on a select few non-hazardous products. Due to demand, product continues to go exclusively to backorders and rarely dents those. We are still NOT taking backorders on primers and will not begin to consider it until we can make some progress at this time, which hasn’t happened over the last 3 months.

Many manufacturers announced price increases this week. (see more details on sheet above) We will roll these out as they become available via this email list. We will continue to fill backorders as product arrives, but for every 10 cases of something we fill, it seems 20 more go on backorder. We have been through this in the past, not sure to this level, but it is frustrating to say the least for you, your customers, and us as a supplier. We appreciate your patience and understanding that this is out of all our control at this point.
While primers are in the worst shape overall in relationship to backorders vs incoming, powder is starting to get just as bad. We are massively behind both at this time and will continue to evaluate as we move forward. Overall, nothing is in good shape at this time, but we will continue to do what we can as product arrives. We have no guess as to when something will fill as it is totally dependent upon incoming (when and how many).
The in stock page sent today had maybe 100 items listed 24 were plastic storage boxes-some brass and about the same in projectiles. This on hand report use to be 30+- a page of pages. FYI: Once my stock is depleted unless backorders come in I'll shut down except for forearms transfers, advice, minor repairs & muzzle loader sales. I just sent in for my FFL re-newel this weekend. It will be for another 3 years. I will if possible purchase a shit load of supplies then when my license expires in 2024 I'll most likely hang it up. #blackpowderbill

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