Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Ballistol is it a Magical Black Powder Elixir or an Over Priced Concoction?

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Ballistol some love it, others can do with out the 16$ per pint cost of the "white mineral oil" with smelly stuff added.
One warning is this: Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Then one chemical used in the aerosol is Isohexane C6H14 & propane as the propellant . DANGER: FLAMMABLE, causes CNS effects, irritates skin & eyes. The funny part is it is manufactured in Martinsburg WV by Chem-Pak. It's also flammable especially in aerosol. You visit the Ballistol facts page and it states no harmful chemicals. Yet if you read a number of MSDS reports and you'll find a totally different conclusion. Ballistol is based on medicinal grade white mineral oil, (CAS # 8042-47-5) which has been classified "Class 3" by the IARC. This means that there is insufficient evidence for this substance to cause cancer in animals or humans. Ballistol does not contain any substance currently known to be a carcinogen. ---- Because of the high Ph 8.5-9.5 Ballistol states it is good for galvanic corrosion,salt water and acidic protection -- [IMPO to a point]. So while some think it's Great, I tend to shy away from high priced cleaners that advertise one thing and are another. Really here is a list of chemicals used in Ballistol. pharmaceutical white oil: CAS RN 8042-47-5 Oleic acid: CAS RN 112-80-1 C-5 alcohols: CAS RN 78-83-1; CAS RN 137-32-6; CAS RN 100-51-6 different essential oils to perfume Ballistol Mineral Oil Potassium Oleate Ammonium Oleate Benzyl Alcohol Amyl Alcohol Isobutyl Alcohol Benzyl Acetate Anethole Isohexane (aerosol only) A quick search of Ballistol MSDS and you will find several reports. MSDS I have to ask why would a skinflint muzzle loader fella spend 16$ or more dollars on a pint of cleaner. When you can get a whole gallon of food grade white mineral oil for 20 bucks? For that cost you can get a little bottle of smelly oil and add it to the mix if you really want a cute smelling cleaner. IMPO: In My Professional Opinion, working smart using less money to achieve the same outcome should be foremost in any shooters budget. One reason I know about all kinds of lubricants is I have attended hundreds of hours formal class room training in the use and make up of oils,lubricants and greases. When a vendor wants to sell you a drum of mineral oil as the best and it cost 3 times as much you were paying. It's time start looking for another vendor that is willing to show and explain the differences to you. Really folks you use a flavored butter that is sold as all "natural" non-petrolatum. Then you use mineral oil is a liquid by-product of refining crude oil to make gasoline and other petroleum products. This type of mineral oil is a transparent, colorless oil, composed mainly of alkanes and cycloalkanes, related to petroleum jelly. My God man buy a bottle of Baby Oil it's already scented & save some cash!!

Oh yea Ballistol is an Over Priced Flav-Aid. Thank You for years of honest service Davis-Howland oil Rochester NY. Regards, BPB FFL 30+ years

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