Monday, August 26, 2019

For Sale:SOLD New & Used Black Powder Rifle,Huntsman Barrel & Revolvers

 All SOLD except the Grey Wolf---Grey Wolf STOLEN from Section 8 Armament Colbert GA Dec. 30 2020-----

Oh another sweet batch of BP goodies headed my way. If any of you recall the ones I offered in 2018? Well these are even nicer as per the owner. I have not had anything arrive from this gentleman that was the least bit questionable beyond a little TLC oil and wipe down.
THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!!! T/C 50 CAL KIT GUN new nipple installed wiped off in and out lubed the lock ready to travel. A few handling marks other wise good to hunt with once you sight it in. 325$ shipped

CVA revolver includes original box and holster 225$ shipped.

Pietta blued revolver includes holster(Holster ain't nothing special) 250$ shipped.

 I'm still out on the stainless Pietta 44 with holster.. Most likely ohhhh 300$ shipped. These prices are not the auction cost.

 If they do not sell directly from me and go to auction the fee will include auction %.

Remember it is up to you to abide by all Federal,State,Local regulations. Even though these are black powder replicas. Payment money order.

BPB FFL licensed in GA 30+ years Veteran owned.

 Here are the pictures to wet your appetite.

 T/C  . 50 cal. Rifle = short stock ( K-129655 )  overall good condition.

- CVA Rifle =  , .50 cal, With extra Huntsman .50 cal barrel, with Bushnell scope. Huntsman Barrel may sell separately

- CABELAS  Pistol =  58 New army, .44 cal. S.S. Revolver. ( Bought in 2003. Never Fired) with custom hand tooled holster.

- CVA Revolver = A7-1964 Army style revolver, ___ cal.  =  ?, Used / Avg good condition, With shoulder holster.

- F. Llipietta - Italy Revolver ( # 540124 )=  .36 cal., Army Style revolver, Used / avg. good condition (chip in butt end of one grip / couple be repaired relative easy), With holster.

 I'll set price on these after inspection.

As always selling directly you save the 10% auction fees.  All items paid for ship with in 2-3 days USPS flat rate & insured is usually the best. Sales price may or may not include shipping. With that being said it's a min of 25$ and so far this year the most it has been is 45$ for a long rifle.

Remember it is up to you to follow all Federal-State-Local regulations and restrictions on the possession of firearms including muzzle loaders.

Regards Thanks for looking

Licensed FFL 30+ years
Veteran owned

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